This is my new breakfast! It taste so good that I actually want it for dessert as well 😀 I even made my own cottage cheese, I am very satisfied with this recipe.

I have found the recept for the banana cinnamon honey glazed through Pinterest: Fried Honey Bananas

The ingredients you need for cottage cheese is just milk and lemon juice (or vinegar):

Let the milk cook and rise. You would need half full milk cause cottage cheese needs the fat otherwise the structure will be tough.

As soon as the milk is cooked add the juice of half a lemon:

The milk will change immediately, when you see this happening turn off the stove. If you overcook the milk your cottage cheese will also get ‘tough’ and you want soft dense cottage cheese.

Drain the content

And voila! Your own cottage cheese made within minutes. Do not worry about the lemon it does not affect the taste at all, you will not taste the lemon.
As you can see you don’t get alot of cottage cheese with a normal sauce pan. It’s better to use a liter pan this way you can use 1 or 2 gallons of milk.

I added the banana cinnamon honey glazed to the cottage cheese and it was awesome! The cottage cheese was still warm and sweet with the banana. You can save the cottage cheese in the refridgerator in a bowl with some milk, you could add some salt if you’re into that.

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Cottage cheese is packed with calcium, proteine and vitamin B 12. Do you eat cottage cheese? And now that you have seen how easy it is to make cottage cheese, would you give it a go?

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