Savory Recipes


Egg Muffins with vegetables

This is a recipe every woman should know, whether you are married, single or a mother. Every woman these days is busy with social engagements or work so we don’t always have enough hours in the day to make a 3 course meal right? That’s why I went and looked for the most healthy and […] Read more…


Bake eggs super fast

Who doesn’t have those hectic mornings where there is just no time for breakfast? Everyone knows how important breakfast is, it is the most important meal of the day. But making breakfast can take up some time, welll it does not have to when you can just pop some eggs in the microwave. I will […] Read more…


How to make Cassava Fries | The Tropical Potato

Cassava does not only grow in South America but also in other continents such as Africa and Asia. The cassava is always made different in every country, for example my husband is from British Guyana and cassava is mainly used in soups and is not fried. In Suriname we fry it. When we want to […] Read more…


A electric pizzamaker?

Welll, it’s very simple! But before I explain how it works, I want to say that I didn’t really believe in it. My dad got 2 pizzamakers last Christmas, one from work as a Christmas present and the other from someone who wanted to throw it away. With making pizza, I always have this idea […] Read more…

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