Welll, it’s very simple! But before I explain how it works, I want to say that I didn’t really believe in it. My dad got 2 pizzamakers last Christmas, one from work as a Christmas present and the other from someone who wanted to throw it away. With making pizza, I always have this idea that you need a oven, no oven = no pizza. So it took a while before I could put it in my mind that there is a possibility to make a pizza not in a oven. It was a mental switch, but once you are over it the process is soooo simple! Let me break it down to ya:

You open the pizzamaker and place the pizza dough here you can proceed layering the toppings. As soon as you are done with layering: close the lid, plug it in & the red light will turn on. In less then 10 minutes maybe even 7 to 8 minutes the red light will jump to green: your pizza is DONE!!!! Even faster then ordering a pizza and way more healthier as you get to decide what ingredients to use and the amount.
The crust is hard, but not too hard. If you like a hard crust there are two things you can do: leave the pizzamaker on after its done for a couple of minutes. Or roll the pizza dough very thin. Do not make the same mistake as I did which is keeping the lid closed after the pizza is cooked. The heat will produce alot of condense when the lid is closed. Because of the condense it will turn in water and you will have soggy pizza. Not a total disaster, cause you can undo it by popping the pizza in a heated oven, but it’s unnecessary work.

I could not believe my eyes! The pizza looks perfect just like from a pizzeria!
I topped the pizza with peppers, mushrooms, olives, tomatosauce, cheese & chicken minced meat.

Even the bottom of the pizza looked great after 8 to 10 minutes of cooking. How much faster can you make a pizza? I really don’t think faster then this….
I also seen on a tv show that some Turkish girls use the pizza maker for making lahmacune, I can imagine you can also use it for making naanbread. Imagine the time you save with this equipment: amazing!

Customer reviews on the Dutch website were very promising (the customer doesn’t make fresh pizza’s but uses frozen store bought pizza’s):
I cannot agree more! I always had a hard time placing the layered pizza with all of its topping on the hot pizza stone in the oven. I always needed a extra pair of hands, which due to the pizza maker I don’t anymore!

The recipe I use is a lot you can make 2 pizza’s with it. But you can freeze left over pizza dough. Make a round ball of the dough, cover it with some olive oil, place it in a ziplock freezer bag. Press out any excess air and close the bag. The dough can be kept in the freezer for over 3 months. When you need it just take it out of the freezer 12 hours before into the fridge. Make sure the dough is out for 30 minutes before rolling out.

The pizza dough is not the only thing you freeze anything else that is left over as a topping for the pizza you can freeze. Here I had some corn, tomatosauce and tuna. So easy to pul this out a day before and you have your quick lunch or dinner (with a salad).


Yes, I am a believer in the pizza maker, for sure! Would you like to use the pizza maker?

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