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This fluffy cream oatmeal is my most favorite breakfast lately! A while I have seen this recipe from thehealthyfoodie fluffy apple cinnamon egg white oatmeal I just substituted the apples with one overripe banana.I have made this recipe a couple times the last few weeks and I have used an overripe banana with freckles so that I dont need to add extra sugar. This recipe tastes so good! But HOW do you get oatmeal to get fluffy AND creamy at the same time?Just scroll down to the secret ingredient 😉 I kinda gave the secret ingredient away….hihi

Here I have added half a cup of oatmeal, slices of an overripe banana and 1 cup of cooked water (cooked water speeds up the cooking process). 3
As you can see this looks a bit watery and if you do not agree, well…just look at the following pictures to see the difference

As soon as the water is a bit dry, you can add the egg white into the oatmeal. But do blend it well with a whisker or else you will get large pieces of egg white.
Next time I will definitely add cinnamon, I seem to forget this every time….

And this is the end result, do you agree this looks way better with egg white then without?
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I am super happy with this recipe, whenever I have a ripe banana I am over excited to make this recipe. But also the egg white give this breakfast so much more protein, so double *yayyy*. And it is so healthy triple *yayyy*!!!

What do you think of the egg white addition?

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