3 weeks ago reader Soumaya asked the following question:

“What I sometimes experience wearing a maxi skirt is that it can be tight from behind/showing my figure (certain fabrics can do that). With a blouse on top of it, it looks a bit old fashioned. Would you care to provide some tips/examples?”

Wel, I found this a difficult task of Soumaya, but I did come up with something. 2 years ago I visited the website of Dewi Neelam , Dewi is from Indonesia and has a really good fashion style. Lets take a look of some of her creative outfits:

A peplum blouse with a maxi skirt is not a bad idea in fact I love it!

Here is Dewi with her husband and she is rocking another peplum blouse again <3 IMG_20130406_141111

A long vest and a maxi skirt is also possible:
Kivitz and irna

This time not a peplum blouse, but a peplum vest

A some what longer oversized blouse can be used to some what cover the behind area:

Nicely combined:

Very casual

Tough look, but still girly how does Dewi do it?

I don’t know if I would go for this look, but it looks good on Dewi:

Personaly I dont wear a lot of color, but brown and yellow really compliment each other

I could definitely wear this outfit, just as it is!

2 copy

This dress pants is the first one I actually like

Love the color combo and the skirt

I would not have a clue on how to combine this skirt, but Dewi does it flawless

Awww, what a cute smile and again a very good combination
Camera 360

A simple black dress looks totally different with the pink jacket and printed head scarve.

Very simple, just take a blocked colored shirt and a belt on a black dress
dewineelam pregnancy style 4

Love printed blouses (see left)!
Photo on 2012-12-28 at 12.24 #2

Big flared trousers can look very stylish:

Even voor Gala events Dewi sure knows how to dress herself up!

What do you think of Dewi’s style? And which outfit do you like the most? @Soumaya I hope I helped you with this post 🙂

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