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Fluffy Oatmeal banana

This fluffy cream oatmeal is my most favorite breakfast lately! A while I have seen this recipe from thehealthyfoodie fluffy apple cinnamon egg white oatmeal I just substituted the apples with one overripe banana.I have made this recipe a couple times the last few weeks and I have used an overripe banana with freckles so […] Read more…

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Cake In A Mug Recipe


Date Cake Bagels & Beans

Finally I am getting to share the date cake recipe on my blog! My friend always makes this date cake since the last three years (I have not tried it myself just because I get it so often from my friend, shame on me!). Everyone who tastes this recipe falls in love with it. You […] Read more…


Breakfast or Dessert? + make your own cottage cheese

This is my new breakfast! It taste so good that I actually want it for dessert as well 😀 I even made my own cottage cheese, I am very satisfied with this recipe. I have found the recept for the banana cinnamon honey glazed through Pinterest: Fried Honey Bananas The ingredients you need for cottage […] Read more…


My Exki Restaurant Experience

A few weeks ago I had a meeting with my friend/web designer and we had to find a little spot where we could meet up with Wi-Fi connection. My friend suggested to go and eat at Exki because she has been there several times and I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. On the […] Read more…

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