Today October 21st YouTube has announced their new subscription based monthly service called YouTube Red. YouTube Red includes features such as watching advert-free videos, offline viewing and premium content. Available in the US on the 28th of October and the rest of the world shortly after. There will be a free trial of a month available.

YouTube Red costs

In our earlier article we lightly touched upon Google’s Music Key, and its $9.99 monthly fee, it would seem that YouTube Red will cost the same, and will include the benefits of Music Key. The reverse will also apparently hold true. Access to one will grant access to the other.
On the flip side there is currently YouTube itself, YouTube Gaming, YouTube Kids, YouTube Red, YouTube Music and Google Play Music, does that seem a bit much to you too? Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we are too!

Remember that $9.99 monthly fee? How can one forget. There is a proverbial snake in the grass though when it comes to the fees. Android, PC desktop and mobile web users will pay the $9.99 fee, for iOS users however the fee is $12.99. Why? You may wonder? Google apparently opted to shunt the added cost incurred by Apple straight through to the end-user. However if you sign up through the web rather then Apple’s platform you only pay $9.99.

YouTube Red Features

So the question on everyone’s mind is, will YouTube turn into some form of Netflix?
As the plans for introducing YouTube Red comes accompanied with a very similar plan for “original series” just like Netflix, called YouTube Originals. YouTube Originals will include content such as original shows and video from popular YouTube creators such as PewDiePie. Content creators that choose not to partake in new service will have their status set to private. Basically meaning, no one will find those videos.

Additionally, those exclusive premium content creators will receive an as of yet unspecified amount of the income generated by the subs. The company was quoted as having said “the vast majority” of the subscriptions.

Apart from the obvious advert-free video content, the service will allow for the saving of videos so you can view them later offline, and will allow users to listen to their video while checking their email or some other activity on their mobile devices.

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