Cassava does not only grow in South America but also in other continents such as Africa and Asia. The cassava is always made different in every country, for example my husband is from British Guyana and cassava is mainly used in soups and is not fried. In Suriname we fry it. When we want to eat something different and light for dinner we always think of cassava it’s just so easy to make and it’s filling too. We consume cassava at least twice a month and it’s always on the Friday read: lazy Friday. I will show you how to fry cassava and how it looks like, it’s very easy 😉

First thing first of course we need cassava. You can buy fresh cassava but I advise you not to do that because it’s very hard to clean the cassava and to chop it, cassava is a very hard root to handle.

We always buy frozen cassava at the oriental store and that costs between €1.50 and €2.00. Frozen cassavas are already peeled and all you have to do is just defrost it.

As soon it is defrosted it will feel rubbery but that is normal.

Slice thick pieces of cassava into half

Remove threads when you slice the cassava in to half you do not want to eat them…

The cassava is ready to be cooked. Tip: always boil some water in a water kettle and use that water in the pan. This will reduce cooking time and lessen your gass bill.

The cassava should be cooked in 10 minutes, but not over cooked because if it’s over cooked the cassava will not fry properly
Drain the cassava and then fry it on medium heat.

Fry cassava till it’s golden brown

Crispy but soft from the inside, yummie! You can not achieve this with normal potato to get crispy fries you have to fry potatoes twice.
Consume the cassava within 20 minutes or else the crispiness will go away and you’ll be left with soft cassava

My father likes cassava with peanut sambal: it’s just delicious. We always get some peanut sambal from our relatives in Suriname.
Top off the cassava fried fries with some grilled oven chicken wings, salad made with apple and peanut sambal.

You can replace the peanut sambal with ketchup ( I do cause I am allergic to peanuts).

Have you ever heard about cassava fries? Does it look easy to make? There are a lot of different dishes you can make with cassava. So you can expect to see some more posts about it here on the blog 🙂

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