When it comes to menstrual pains, I know pretty much everything there is to know, but when it comes to knowing how long my monthly cycle takes? Well, recently that took a little bit of in depth research. In the past I used to never keep track of when I would be on my period, I would feel it coming but as long as it was once a month, I was happy. But doing it that way, I never got to know how long my actual cycle took. Other women know exactly how long it takes them and that got me thinking because these women know very well how their bodies work. As I don’t have a clue how many days my cycle’s take. Keeping track of your cycle makes it easier to for example get pregnant or not (naturally).


From the 14th day after your 1st day of your menstrual period you can get pregnant, this also differs from person to person. You are 5 to 6 days fertile. So really, you wouldn’t have to take the pill if you realised how your cycle works; know when you are fertile so you can take preventive measures.
When I was at the health convention I saw an device the LadyComp which could be used to take your temperature every day. As you become fertile your body temperature becomes slightly elevated. As soon as the device perceived the temperature rise, it could be baby time or not. That’s pretty handy! The device itself however, costs quite a lot starting at 300 euro…

App Kindara

So considering the 300 euros I went on a search to find an alternative, and I came across the Kindara. Kindara is very diverse and you can upload a lot of data to it such as your body temperature, menstrual cycle, when you had intercourse and a lot more. Even if you did keep track of your cycles, then good news you can add this data to the app no problem! The app will then calculate how long your cycle has been every month and gives you the needed insight to how your body works and what’s more; if you missed a cycle then you have the data available to show to your general practitioner.

It also holds true if you want to get pregnant, you can show your general practitioner how long your cycles are and for example if your cycles are longer then 40 days it means that your doctor can immediately prescribe certain medications for you.


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I have already used the app for a few months now, and I find it particularly pleasing to keep track of everything with it. There are no unwanted adverts and if you got any questions their mail support is pretty quick!

Measuring Body Temperature

As your body temperature rises during your ovulation, you can assume you are at your most fertile.

The LadyComp from the health convention I attended is based on the measurement of your body temperature the only big caveat is that you must take your temperature reading every day at the same time. So once when you wake up and before you actually get out of bed. So if you don’t have those 300 euros for the LadyComp then you could simulate it with a digital thermometer.

The Kindara app however offers for 99 USD a bluetooth digital thermometer that automatically transmits your body temperature to the app! This is something I must have!

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