As you all know I am extremely fond of clothes! So when I think of a particular piece of clothing being truly amazing and spectacular, it goes without saying that I would like for it to stay that way for a considerable time into the future. Fortunately for people like me there are all kinds of tips and tricks that can maintain that new feel and look. So I took the liberty of compiling a few for you, so that your clothes may stay nice and beautifully maintained for a long…long time to come!

You may also find some more tips on the subject matter in the “maintaining & washing” in this list.

It may be obvious, but nonetheless it is always good form to check the label on your clothes. This way you will immediately have an idea how you should NOT wash or take care of your clothes.

Do not fold silk clothes. A silk piece is better hung or rolled up.

A wool sweater that is wet should first be pulled backed into its shape, then the next best thing to do is to have it dry on a bar or some other form of rod that is available to you. The rod is then stuck through the arms and hung to dry. This provides a effective way for air to pass through all parts of the sweater.

Knitted wear should not be hung with clips, if you do they can easily lose their original shape. Not to mention running the risk that the clips will leave an impression on the piece of clothing.

Always hand wash lingerie that is made with either silk or cotton. Fill the sink with cold water and some washing solution, soak and whirl your pieces of lingerie for a few minutes. After all that put the lingerie on a dry towel and let it dry.

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Jeans is something preferred not to be washed often. To keep them fresh, you could hang them up in your bathroom before you have a bath or shower an easy way to steam them or simply place them in a plastic bag in the freezer for two days.

A bathing suit or bikini is something you actually don’t have to wash every time you use it. Usually rinsing it through with cold water is enough. Once in a while you should however do a small hand wash with a little washing solution.

If and when during an extensive workout session your clothes become sweaty, the best thing to do is to wash them immediately or rinse them. Sport clothing that even after a wash does not smell fresh can be soaked a little in a hand wash with water and a little bit of vinegar, before a second wash.

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