I don’t watch tv shows, simply because I just don’t have the time for it 🙁 However this post is inspired by the character Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington). While Youtubing and Pinteresting I stumbled into her, apparently she plays a crisis manager for the president of America. BUT they fall in love while he has his wife and children (Scandal). They cannot come forward with their love for each other without the public condemning it. This story line seems familair….Monica & Bill anyone? However this story line has a different twist to it, it is a interracial relationship. The tv show doesn’t really interest me, but what does is Olivia’s wardrobe! It is so elegant, business like, feminine, conservative, it really is “dressed to impress”.

I have gathered some of Olivia’s looks together so that if we have to open our wardrobe we can get a little bit more inspiration on what to wear 😉

As you can see light colors and simple is Olivia’s trademark

Her outfits are perfect for work, meetings and gatherings where you need to look professional and get your message heard

Classy but still modern

This looks so stylish yet so comfortable to wear!

It seems like Olivia posesses all the colors of pastel 😛

I wish these 3 coats were in my wardrobe they would be perfect for coming spring!

Wouldn’t you just want to order and wear the above items without thinking about it?

Very Jackie O-ish with the sun glasses

Enough with the outfit looks, I want to show you some video’s of Kerry Washington, the first one is of the TV show Scandal the very first time she and Mr. President meet each other, it is so powerful. And the other video’s are a parody about Olivia Pope, it is so funny!

Olivia comes along as tough, but if we would be her in real life, it would probably get close to this:

Can’t get enough of Olivia’s wardrobe? Take a look at this infographic for all the details to create the same look.

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