A few years back I was into decorating cakes and muffins, but it took alot of time and that was exactly the reason why I stopped decorating. Since then I am always on the look out for fast and easy ways to make it seem that I have put in alot of effort into my baking. My friend’s 30th birthday was coming up and I went online to search for some fun ideas. This is how I came to know about edible muffin toppers. This is just as easy as it gets: its just a rice paper with a print on it.

As you can see the toppers are a bit curled up, that is because I have used whipped cream which has liquid. I am sure if you use butter cream or sugar frosting the toppers would not curl up. For me this was not a major issue cause I prefer whipped cream over butter cream or sugar frosting.

Unfortunately I could not find these muffin toppers in The Netherlands (where I live), however I found them on Ebay. The Ebayseller is from the UK and the muffin toppers are sent in a envelope. The costs are low, if I remember good I spent like 5 euro’s for 2 different designs with shipping costs. The paperformat is A3 and you do have to cut the toppers. The seller on Ebay has 543 items of cake/muffin toppers for different special occasions, such as:

Aren’t those butterflies the cutest thing?

The Ebay seller is kingsleycakes2011

Have you ever tried a muffin/cake topper? I would love to know if there are other sellers online with other designs.

Would you use the muffin topper?

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