I am telling you, this is the simplest DIY ever! If I knew this before I would not buy all those expensive body lotions before, cause coconut oil is the best hydrating lotion for your skin and no without chemicals! Here is the problem with coconut oil: in the summer it has a good consistency but in the winter coconut oil is rock solid! You will need to warm up the solid oil between your hands to get the coconut oil. Which is not very user friendly. On Pinterest I have seen you can make your own whipped coconut oil lotion. And the only thing you need for that, is a kitchen mixer!
The most important thing for making the whipped cream is using hard coconut oil (not soft/heated coconut oil). Put the cold coconut oil in a bowl and whisk away for 10 to 20 minutes. You will get the below mixture:0002-whipcream
Super fluffy soft whipped coconut oil lotion! Do you see how smooth the mixture is? It’s dripping off! You could also add some essential oils to jazz it up. To keep the whipped coconut oil fresh you will need to save this in a sealed jar. It is not recommended to store the mixture in the refrigerator. Just keep it in the bathroom 😉
0003-whipcream2Super fun to try out for yourself and even as DIY gifts for friends, especially if you jazz it up with some essential oils, a nice gift tag and a nice jar.

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