Who doesn’t have those hectic mornings where there is just no time for breakfast? Everyone knows how important breakfast is, it is the most important meal of the day. But making breakfast can take up some time, welll it does not have to when you can just pop some eggs in the microwave. I will share a little magic trick, this way you can make fluffy eggs in just a matters of minutes. A new world of possibilities arose as soon as I have seen the video of Popsugar Food on Youtube “Breakfast Ideas”. You can even cook potatoes in the microwave.

All I did was whisk 2 eggs together in a bowl with some salt and pepper with no butter or oil. I microwaved the eggs for 2 minutes. But every microwave is different so I would advise to check the eggs every minute. Opening the microwave door does not affect the result. So just keep checking the eggs after every minute till it is well cooked.

The eggs will swell up in the microwave, it is so cool to see this 😀 As you can see the eggs are thick and fluffy and I did not even added milk 😀 You can spice the eggs up with some grated cheese or with some herbs.

You cannot skip breakfast with this little magic trick up your sleeve, now can you?

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