Firmoo approached me a couple of weeks ago to pick out a set of glasses and asked if I wanted to write a review about my experience on my blog: oh… WELL OFCOURSE! This offer was as if a gift from heaven, because I actually needed new glasses as I simply cannot do without glasses or my contacts. Lately I have been falling asleep with my contacts in, yes I know it is very BAD so yeah you guessed it my eyes got irritated. The glasses I do have are pretty old and fairly heavy(at the end of the day you really feel it weighing down on your nose). So it was finally time to get some new and stylish pair of glasses!

In the following I will show you in no less then 4 steps how the process of ordering a pair of glasses from Firmoo.com works. I can already tell you it is very user friendly and perhaps also cheaper to order online!

Through their website you can find yourself a nifty frame. Now I can imagine that you may find that difficult to believe, as you are not in a physical store where you would be able to try a pair out. But the people at Firmoo.com conjured up something brilliant; you can upload your own photo and immediate see how your glasses would look on you! Alternatively you can also view glasses on different people(male or female).

Normally the opticians would order you a pair of glasses, but now you can do that yourself, but you will have to know your prescription strength for each eye. If you are not English the website can be a bit daunting for some. But if you know your prescription strength, you may enter your values. As in my case(-4 meaning I really cannot see ANYTHING with detail sharply), I have what is known as “single vision”, so I proceeded to click on the blue button labelled “new prescription”.
Lens   prescription   Firmoo.com

If you don’t know exactly what your prescription values are you can always get that information from your respective optician and enquire after your current values. You can order plus as well as minus strengths.

It is important to know when you order glasses online to know the distance in milimeters(mm) between both pupils. The distance between both pupils can be measured with a ruler, you may also consider asking someone to help you with this.

All you need is your name, address and the place of residence just like with any other order you would place. It is now a week later and I received my new pair of glasses in a very nice sturdy spectacle box with a polish cloth. I am so thrilled and happy with my new chique pair of glasses and as you can see it literally it is that easy to order online!

My spectacles were 51 US dollars, including the amount of 18.75 US dollars for extra fast shipping and delivery.


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